Quem se casou com Quinto Cecílio Metelo Céler?

Clodia Pulchra se casou com Quinto Cecílio Metelo Céler .

Quinto Cecílio Metelo Céler

Quinto Cecílio Metelo Céler (103–59 a.C.; em latim: Quintus Caecilius Metellus Celer) foi um político da gente Cecília Metela da República Romana eleito cônsul em 60 a.C. com Lúcio Afrânio.

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Clodia Pulchra

Clodia Pulchra

Description in Portuguese not found. We only have a description in English:

Clodia (born Claudia, c. 95 or 94 BC), nicknamed Quadrantaria, and occasionally referred to in scholarship as Clodia Metelli ("Clodia the wife of Metellus"), was one of three known daughters of the ancient Roman patrician Appius Claudius Pulcher and either Caecilia Metella Balearica, or her cousin, Caecilia Metella daughter of Lucius Caecilius Metellus Diadematus.

Like many other women of the Roman elite, Clodia was very well educated in Greek and Philosophy, with a special talent for writing poetry. Her life, immortalized in the writings of Marcus Tullius Cicero and also, it is generally believed, in the poems of Gaius Valerius Catullus, was characterized by perpetual scandal.


Filhos de Quinto Cecílio Metelo Céler e seus cônjuges: